SVT Club

SEVENTEEN returns with their own variety show. SVT Club is a unique combination of a reality program and talk show where SEVENTEEN members share their thoughts on keywords and trends among young people.

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Svt club ep1 SVT CLUB Ep1 (Watch here) April 5, 2018
Svt club ep2 SVT CLUB Ep2 (Watch here) April 12, 2018
Svt club ep3 SVT CLUB Ep3 (Watch here) April 26, 2018
Svt club ep4 SVT CLUB Ep4 (Watch here) May 3, 2018
Svt club ep5 SVT CLUB Ep5 (Watch here) May 12, 2018
Svt club ep6 SVT CLUB Ep6 (Watch here) May 17, 2018
Svt club ep7 SVT CLUB Ep7 (Watch here) May 24, 2018
Svt club ep8 SVT CLUB Ep8 (Watch here) May 31, 2018

Unreleased Videos & Previews Edit

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Svt club playlist SVT CLUB playlists

(70 videos)

(Watch here) March 14, 2018 - June 3, 2018

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