Hoshi (호시) is a South Korean singer under Pledis Entertainment. He is the member of the boy group SEVENTEEN.

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Music Video Appearances Edit

Year Title Artist Role Note
2012 Face NU'EST Pre-Debut
Venus Hello Venus
2014 My Copycat Orange Caramel

TV Shows Edit

Year Name Channel Role Note
2015 1 vs. 100 KBS with Mingyu
Baek Jongwon's 3 Kings SBS with S.Coups, Mingyu and The8
2016 M Countdown Mnet Special MC with Joshua
2017 Inkigayo SBS
M Countdown Mnet with S.Coups, Joshua, Jun, Seungkwan, Vernon, Dino
2018 with Hoshi and Wonwoo
Creaking Heroes MBC Cast Pilot Variety Show
The King of Mask Singer Participate Ep. 153-154
Amazing Saturday tvN with DK
M Countdown Mnet Special MC with S.Coups, and Wonwoo
Unexpected Q MBC Guest EP.12
2018 Idol Star Athletics Championships - Chuseok Special Participate with Mingyu, Jeonghan, Wonwoo, Woozi, DK, Dino, Seungkwan
Dancing High KBS2 Guest Judge Ep.7

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= Participates, ✖ = Not participated

SEVENTEEN Discography Edit

Year Album Song Writing Composer Arrange
2015 17 Carat Jam Jam
Love & Letter Still Lonely
2016 Love & Letter Repackage Album No F.U.N
Going Seventeen HIGHLIGHT
Fast Pace
2017 Al1 Don't Wanna Cry
Swimming Fool
Teen, Age Change Up
Without You
Bring It
2018 Director's Cut Thanks
We Make You Highlight (Japanese ver.)

BSS Discography Edit

Album Artist Song Writing Composer Arranger
Single (2018) BSS Just Do It

Other songs Edit

Year Album Artist Song Writing Composer Arranger
2017 Unofficial songs Hoshi HURRICANE
2018 Digital Single Bumzu & Han Dong Geun Forever Young

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  • Nickname: Mr. Dumbell, 10:10 O’Clock, Hamster, Hoshi-tam tam, Kwon Ham-ji, Prince Hoshi
  • Specialty: Choreography 
  • Hobby: Taekwondo (Black Belt) 
  • Training Period: 4 years
  • Education:
    • Maseog Elementary School (Graduated)
    • Maseok Middle School (Graduated)
    • Maseok High School (Graduated)
    • Dong-Ah Institute of Media and Art (K-POP Major) (Attending)
  • He had braces before, but had them removed.
  • He speaks Japanese very well.
  • He speaks basic Chinese.
  • His favourite colours are black & white. 
  • He likes Beyonce & Omarion. 
  • He was voted by the other members as the member with the most aegyo. 
  • He was voted by the other members as the most hard working member, along with Jihoon. 
  • He’s envious of Seungcheol’s muscles. 
  • He would like to meet Chris Brown, Usher, Beyonce & SHINee. 
  • He has no experience in dating. His mother told him to study first and date girls later in college. 
  • He said it was difficult to wake up for school but he’s happy now that he has graduated. 
  • He wants a girlfriend where he could give her chocolates and in return, receive a big kiss and a hug. 
  • His stage name “Hoshi” means ‘Star’ in Japanese. The name was given to him because of how charismatic he is on stage. 
  • He likes Japanese food.  
  • He choreographs most of Seventeen’s routines. 
  • He said the hardest time in his life was when his friends and family would ask him when he would debut but he couldn’t tell them since he didn’t know himself. 
  • His ideal type girl is someone who is fragrant and likes him. 
  • The meaning behind his real name is that Kwon means ‘power’, Soon means ‘innocent and Young means ‘glorious’. It means be powerful by being innocent and glorious. He thinks he’s a powerful team leader for the Performance team. 
  • He is a black belt in Taekwondo and was a Taekwondo champion when he was young. He says Taekwon poses are similar to dance moves and that’s how he became interested in dancing. When he was in middle school, he created his own dance club and participated in competitions and won first in city competition. He got casted by participating in the district competition. 
  • He likes to collect bizarre photos of the members. He deleted most of them in case he loses his phone. He says he has the most bizarre photos of DK. 
  • His role model is choreographer Keone Madrid. He says his dances are original and attracts people with the beats. He wants to be a person who is original and stylish when it comes to dance and improves himself by performing.  
  • S.Coups chose Hoshi as the member who could be the leader, he says he has a lot of charisma.
  • Between apples or bananas, he prefers apples. 

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